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Google AdMob Unity Plugin v5.4.0 Android Issues with Facebook Audience Network

Recently, I tried to add Facebook Audience Network as an open bidding ad source using the AdMob mediation plugin for Unity. After importing the Facebook mediation plugin, Unity starts to auto resolve conflicting dependencies, this is usually fine and is recommended. However in this case, the external dependency manager decides to upgrade Google Play Services toContinue reading “Google AdMob Unity Plugin v5.4.0 Android Issues with Facebook Audience Network”

Featured on Apple App Store “5 new games we love”

Yay! Puzzle Dino – Egg Adventure got featured in the “5 new games we love” section on the apple app store! I did not noticed it until someone point it out to me in LinkedIn. Frankly speaking, I had no expectation of being featured in the app store as there are some many other goodContinue reading “Featured on Apple App Store “5 new games we love””

Puzzle Dino – Egg Adventure Press Coverage/Review

Being a solo indie developer, one of the most difficult things to handle when releasing a game is getting coverage and visibility. So far Puzzle Dino – Egg Adventure has been mentioned in the following websites. I am ever so grateful for these mentions, thank you editors! Macworld UK TouchArcade GameCentral (Puzzle Dino ScoredContinue reading “Puzzle Dino – Egg Adventure Press Coverage/Review”

Can’t add app into Facebook Audience Network

Recently, while trying to add one of my Android app into Facebook Audience Network I got this message “This app is already being monetized: The app you’re attempting to add is already being monetized by a business.”. This is weird as I managed to add the iOS version successfully prior. I then tried to removeContinue reading “Can’t add app into Facebook Audience Network”